Gluten-Free Plant-Based Cakes & Cupcakes

Price: $65

Instructor: Chef Katie Andrews

This class will guide you in creating gluten-free, plant-based cake and cupcakes You'll learn how to build a cake from start to finish, piping and icing techniques, and how to determine design aesthetic and presentation. The instructor will show you the path to becoming an intuitive baker using scent, sight, touch, sound and taste to create simple and amazing desserts that will have your friends and family raving, all while avoiding common allergens and being conscious about your environmental impact.

Students should walk away from this class with a basic understanding of measuring and mixing techniques, checking for doneness using the senses, building a cake from start to finish properly and how to transport it safely, as well as consistency in portioning cupcakes, buttercream, and time. Students will also learn the basics of flavor pairing.

Students will make an 8” round two layer cake that is filled in the center and iced with a plant-based buttercream on the exterior. Students will also be making one dozen decorated cupcakes. Students will learn how to properly ice a cake, piping techniques for cupcakes, how to write properly on a cake, as well as how to determine design aesthetic and presentation.