GF Plant-Based Cinnamon Rolls & Fruit Loaf

Price: $65

Instructor: Chef Katie Andrews

Learn to create a lovely fruit loaf and pretty dang delicious gluten free cinnamon rolls for any occasion. The class is structured to show you the path to becoming an intuitive baker, while avoiding common allergens and being conscious about your environmental impact. Students should be prepared to measure, cut in fats, mix, bake, slice, ice/drizzle and decorate their creations (then take those creations home and devour them with family and friends).

Students should walk away from this class with a basic understanding of measuring and mixing techniques, checking for doneness using the senses, building cinnamon rolls and proper yeast dough proofing from start to finish, how to transport them safely, as well as consistency in portioning sizes, creating drizzles and glazes, and time. Students will also learn the basics of flavor pairing as well as how to create a light and fluffy gluten free product. Students will also make a full sweet fruit loaf using ingredients provided with a basic glaze as well as one dozen cinnamon rolls, with a basic glaze.