Plant-Based Pies & Tarts

Saturday, 10/22/16  | 2:00-5:00pm

Chef Instructor: Katie Andrews

Price Per Person: $65

This fun and hands-on class is designed to enable you to create plant-based Pies and Mini Tarts!  We will learn how to make, flavor, and fill your own individual pie and mini tarts, bake them as a group and then (the best part) you get to take them home and devour as many as you want (all without judgement)!  Feel free to bring exciting flavors (i.e. nuts, spices, fruits, chocolate, creamed cheeses, etc.) to put into your Pies & Tarts!

This class will show you proper scaling and measuring, mixing and portioning, baking, troubleshooting, time management and finally flavor pairing and combination creation.